February 4th, 2014

курящая лягушка

CYLAND в Ужуписе

CYLAND открыл "вильнюсский офис" в Ужуписе, в той самой Республике Художников

CYLAND MediaArtLab comes to Europe with the new supporting base in the Baltic region. CYLAND MediArtLab Vilnius has launched in the framework of Uzupis Art Incubator (UMI). We hope this geographical update will attract new artists, programmers, engineers and activists to initiate new projects in the field of media arts.

And for this opportunity we would like to thank our friends and the Vilnius Uzupis republic! Everyone interested in cooperation, please, reach us at vilnius@cyland.org.

CYLAND community is open to everyone, wherever they may live or belong, if they are interested in creating and promoting art that meets the level of today’s civilization development. Living in a world of high technologies demands their use in art and requires new understanding of the reality generated by artificial intelligence and incredible flows of information, challenging artists to respond. It is possible to use the technology or resist to them, but one can no longer ignore them dissolving in the aether.